Mindfulness – simple, yet powerful and totally not what you think!


What a great post! Sometimes I roll my eyes when my therapist says “mindfulness” because I do connect it to meditation and guided imagery which I am not really comfortable doing. This gives me a better feeling of what it means. I’ll try it!



Many people think mindfulness is some new age thing which goes hand in hand with meditation.  Viewed this way, many are turned off by the idea and toss it aside as something not worth entertaining.  I use to think the same thing, until recently.  The picture of me above is an example of practicing mindfulness.

So what is mindfulness exactly?  Well, it is a fancy way of saying, pay attention to what you are doing!

Living in such a fast-paced world, constantly on the go with our overly busy schedules, we often do not take the time to really pay attention to what we are doing.  We think we are the gurus of multitasking.  Texting, eating a sandwich, and driving our car all at the same time.  Talking on the phone while walking our dog in the park. Shopping, yelling at the kids, all while trying to schedule a doctor appointment…

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