Therapy change


I have to start with a new individual therapist tomorrow. No fault of anyone, just can’t continue with my current one for now. But starting again is making me crazy!

I had the option of just taking a break from my individual sessions, but after only one week of the group I knew that going through group without an individual therapist would just be too challenging. Especially since I have other stresses in my life like the divorce this week.

I mostly hate starting over with a new therapist because there’s a need to explain things all over again that are tough. In some ways, this is probably good timing because I do have a disclosure expectation in the group. So talking about where I’ve been and where I’ve come to in therapy so far may be helpful.

My mind and body say it will just be traumatic.

I don’t like to cry in therapy. That takes a lot of effort. And isn’t helpful to me at all. So I’ve considered that this change may have happened for a reason. That reason could be that I need to just show up and really let go. It sure would feel good.

The bottom line with starting over is a lack of trust. I’m walking in not knowing the therapist or if we will be a good match. And then I should say my innermost feelings. It’s tough.



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  1. Good Luck!!! Unfortunately, that was one reason I haven’t gone back to counseling because I couldn’t get my same counselor. There was a rule saying I couldn’t stay with the same counselor if I missed for a certain amount of time and considering we were going into summer break it would have been impossible to have kept my weekly appointments. It took me weeks to open up with her so I knew it would have taken the same amount with a new counselor! Please let us know how it goes for you!

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