“What were you wearing…”


I avoided this when I saw it on twitter because I didn’t want to read things that would make me angry. But it IS so important to stress that what someone is wearing is NEVER an invitation to rape.

Rape Culture

By: Devin Casey

In March Buzzfeed posted an extremely powerful article that compiled a series of tweets regarding the clothes worn by victims when they were sexually assaulted. It began when Twitter user @steenfox prompted followers to answer the question “what were you wearing when you were sexually assaulted?”

An overwhelming number of responses were posted and the Tweets were extremely diverse. Some were children, teenagers, or college students when it occurred. Some were dressed for school, work, or bed. There were some responses that indicated second, third, and fourth assaults. Many of the women’s stories reflected sexual assaults committed by someone the victim knew, which RAINN indicates is common to 73% of sexual assaults.

Many of the women describe how it took them years to call what had happened to them rape and realize it was not their fault. Some had internalized the stigma that, “maybe if I was…

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