Being me


I can finally start to really be me!!

After three months and multiple documents, my divorce paperwork finally shows the name I have chosen for myself! It has been a really frustrating three months, but today I got to go to the social security office with my paperwork in hand and ask them to make a SS card with my new name on it. And they processed it without any worry or care about what I want to be called. And I love that!!!

I can completely move forward now, changing my name on my house, my stuff, and at my job. I can’t wait!

Being a new name makes me feel so refreshed and ready for whatever challenges may come next. It’s another new chapter in rediscovering me. I haven’t been using my new name on many things at all so it will take some time to get used to it, but each time I get to write it, say it, or sign it, I will feel proud. I didn’t make the decision on a whim, I thought about it a lot over the 9 months it took for my divorce to be granted. And I’m absolutely sure it was the right decision. I’ll never forget the moment I made the decision and knew it was right. It was an awesome moment.

I can’t wait to wake up and start the workday as the new me. The rediscovered me.

I’m thrilled to be me. Be thrilled today to be you!



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