Therapy Thursdays


Today is the beginning of Therapy Thursdays!

I have been going to my individual therapist on Thursdays and now my 6 week group will be starting as well.  I am so looking forward to being back in a group and I so hope to see some familiar faces.  It has been a rough week and a half and clearly I’m not sleeping well again since I am up writing this at 12:09 am, so Therapy Thursdays will hopefully ease the highways of thought going on in my head constantly.  I skipped my individual session last week so she’s really gonna be working for her money today cuz I have some real hot messes to admit to and discuss.

I have challenges, everyone does, and lately I am feeling those challenges become more than I can handle.  I’m hiding, avoiding, ignoring, minimizing, and just generally not dealing with things I need to face.  For me.  And for everyone in my life.

Luckily, I have really good peeps in my life.  And I’m almost to the weekend where I get together with many of the best women I know and love.  And after this weekend, I will put my effort into my solo camping/cabin trip for this year.  I haven’t done it because I’ve had a busy year with the big move and dating and stuff.  But it is time.  I can feel it.

I need nature and just me.

I took one of those Facebook type tests today and however ridiculous they probably are, it indicated that I have a need to be in nature alone.  That nature is what my subconscious focuses on most of the time.

For reflection.  For comfort.  For me.  And that is so true.

So…onward to Therapy Thursdays and a chilly plan to camp or cabin on my own as soon as I can schedule it and make it work.

What do you need to do when you need to refocus your goals and recenter yourself?  Think about it.



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