technology rocks


I love technology so much and this week I’m about to love it more…I hope.

I get to have a session with my most recent therapist tomorrow using an app.  That’s right, an app.  Not something that is ideal for therapy, but since I am a long-term client of hers and going through a transition, she is willing to see me (and other clients in similar situations) through this app.

I am starting a new job next week and even though I have insurance right now through the Affordable Care Act, I am reluctant to begin with a new therapist and then find out whatever insurance I get through my job won’t cover the same therapist.  I’m trying to just go without getting a new therapist until November when I’ll be eligible for my work insurance. So far that has been working ok and I have been emailing a bit with my former therapist, but it is time for a more thorough check-in and so I am thankful for technology.

The app is VSee if you want to check it out.  I’m hoping the connection and app work well for a session in case I want to have a few more before I am set up with someone new.  I really geek out about stuff like this, I just love that I have this option!

I’ll post how it goes after the session.



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