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Coffee and calm


I didn’t always love coffee. And then in my 30s I started having anxiety. At first I didn’t know why, but as time went along I understood more and more where the anxiety was coming from and why. A long time friend said we should meet and talk, and she’s one of those people I can always trust to skip the bullshit and tell me when I’m being ridiculous or selfish or wrong. So we met for coffee. That day I tried a white chocolate mocha because I wanted something that was coffee but didn’t taste like coffee. That day I spilled my guts and drank a mocha and knew I had to give some thought to who I had become in my life. I didn’t feel anxious though, I felt calm. Anytime I want to talk with friends, mentors, or coworkers, we meet for coffee.
I have a lot going on right now in my life. Quite a few people have said I should blog about things and I thought “why in the world would anyone care?” But after having some coffee and thinking more about it, I thought I would try it. I’m going through a divorce, moving, having therapy as a survivor of sexual assault, and various other challenges in my life. EMDR therapy is on my list of things I’m doing and it is difficult to find information about what it’s like to have EMDR. So I’ll try it.
I’m not an expert on things, but maybe it’ll be like having coffee with a friend and feeling calm.