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Witchcrafty Sister


I have anxiety issues quite often and some would say I have some issues with OCD. I don’t treat these things or discuss them with my medical doctor, just when I have therapy. Quite a few years ago I tried some medication and it made me feel ick, so I won’t take medications for it. If you do, that’s totally fine and I’m glad it works for you, but it just didn’t help me.

My sister is a massage therapist and into the use of what I like to call witchcraft, but is really essential oils. She’s super educated on the whole deal and has been trying to poison me for years with stuff that I refused to try. Until now.

Within the last year, I have developed some issues that no medical doctor can seem to solve and which were drastically reducing my quality of life. I don’t like to take medication and I wasn’t taking great care of myself at the time so I just accepted that the issues were here to stay.

After a lot of time went by I finally started to ask my sister if she had oils to fix the issues because I was kind of miserable. She did have some things that I started using but because I’m an impatient, instant gratification kind of girl, I assumed they weren’t working after not much time. Now, to some degree that’s true because I was taking the one oil religiously and still miserable. Around this same time I went back to my doctor and she suggested I may need to do a better job of drinking less and eating healthier. Kind of rude, yes? Hahaha.

I have quite drastically changed my diet and eliminated coffee almost completely. Those things have helped. Eliminating the coffee makes me feel a LOT less crazy anxious than I used to be most days.

Also, I have continued the witchcraft, this time asking more questions and monitoring it more closely. And I think that shit works! I’m a believer. I don’t go anywhere without a bunch of witchcraft on my person.

So thank you, my awesome sister, for forcing your witchcraft on me. And also for being smart, supportive, and encouraging throughout my life and most especially the last few years when I needed your witchy self the most. I love you!!!