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New old friend


You know what’s really cool about social media? Connections.

Strangers becoming friends…I have met people all over the world who have offered laughter, wisdom, encouragement, condolences, and support. People I wouldn’t have met under any other circumstances because our paths would not have crossed. These people are the reason I never feel I have to defend my very frequent use of social media.

Shared activism friends…I have met some ridiculously brave and awesome people who see my history and share their own story with me. This warms my soul and fuels my desire for true healing and rediscovering me. It feels fantastic to know that stepping out and claiming my past as my own has made a difference for people who have shared their stories. Know that all of you are a part of my heart and my journey. I believe in each one of you.

New old friends…A third connection I find so cool is new old friends. People I knew once, just a tiny bit or all the way to knowing them really well, but then we lost touch over time and life changes.

New old friends offer an additional coolness over brand new friends. That coolness is memories. Memories that one or both of us remember. Memories that we may share, but remember differently from each other, which can be really cool when it causes me to remember something awesome.

Now, I must admit, sometimes connections from the past are just too scary for me because they bring up parts of me and my past that are filled with or tarnished by shame. And sometimes what I find hard to face about my past is funny or interesting to people and they want to talk about it. And that can feel too icky.

But sometimes, the connection is just perfect. Like when someone remembers some good and some bad, but wants to enjoy the good reminiscing and doesn’t mind that I had some less than wonderful moments because they did too. Sometimes the reconnection is just someone who “gets” me. I love that. Someone who understands my sense of humor and my crazy anxiety, even my love for Sinead O’Connor, and loves that those things are still present in me today. A person who appreciates the snappy and the snarky.

Someone who renews my faith in people and my desire to trust.

Someone who will challenge who I am now and make me think about things from the perspective of the former me. This is especially cool lately because this IS a journey about rediscovering me. And some of that girl is difficult to find.

I thank you (you know who you are) for coming back into my life and taking an opportunity to grab my attention. To be a friend. For challenging me, excusing me, validating me, and making me laugh. For making me take a look at the past and remember that I didn’t always have shame.

I know I can’t see the future any clearer than anyone else can, but you’re here to stay. I honestly believe that. Some people are just good.

I have good guts. And my guts say you’re going to be a new old friend forever.