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technology follow up


Wow wow wow!  That was so cool!!

I just finished my first session with my therapist using VSee and it was a perfectly great experience.  The connections were good, the sound was good, and it was nearly as comforting as being in her office.  Especially because I was able to be in my pjs on my couch with my dog next to me for extra comfort.

I’m so thankful for technology in going through my healing process.  There is this video conferencing which is new to me, so many sites for resources, and great forums.  One other thing I have been reading a lot about lately, but haven’t had a need to use personally is the Crisis Text Line.  According to a recent Facebook post on their page, the Crisis Text Line has just passed 8 MILLION messages exchanged since August of 2013.  That is simply AWESOME.

I love technology.  And it was so great to see my therapist again.  Thank goodness for VSee.



technology rocks


I love technology so much and this week I’m about to love it more…I hope.

I get to have a session with my most recent therapist tomorrow using an app.  That’s right, an app.  Not something that is ideal for therapy, but since I am a long-term client of hers and going through a transition, she is willing to see me (and other clients in similar situations) through this app.

I am starting a new job next week and even though I have insurance right now through the Affordable Care Act, I am reluctant to begin with a new therapist and then find out whatever insurance I get through my job won’t cover the same therapist.  I’m trying to just go without getting a new therapist until November when I’ll be eligible for my work insurance. So far that has been working ok and I have been emailing a bit with my former therapist, but it is time for a more thorough check-in and so I am thankful for technology.

The app is VSee if you want to check it out.  I’m hoping the connection and app work well for a session in case I want to have a few more before I am set up with someone new.  I really geek out about stuff like this, I just love that I have this option!

I’ll post how it goes after the session.